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Ox-Bow 2024, April 6th and 7th ...

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A bow alone has no power, it only comes to life in the hand of a person.

Thomas Scholl

Only then do you know what you can do, if you tried it.

Active in bow making since 1998

Thomas Scholl has been making bows for 26 years now. Made of optically harmonizing woods, with the claim to a high throwing performance, his bows show a high level of craftsmanship in connection with excellent shooting performance. He attaches great importance to an appealing and individual design, which is why, in consultation with the customer, each bow is uniquely designed and made by hand.6

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Choice Wood

As the owner, I personally select every single wooden plank from premium suppliers and pay attention to the highest quality.


Draw Conzept

I developed all designs meticulously and with the greatest care.



All products are traditionally handcrafted by me in Küps, Germany.



As the owner, I take over the final production and control of every single product in our range.