Black Wood Archery

X-Dream Hunter

This special recurve with a curve and a counter-curvature in the limb not only gives the bow a special look, but also makes it very easy to draw and shoot.

Since it is built purely from natural woods and veneers, it is visually very appealing. The bow owes its high speed to the action bamboo and a layer of carbon, both hidden under the beautiful real wood veneer and a layer of fiberglass.

Bow length

62“ – 68“

Draw weight

30lbs – 125 lbs

Handle right hand

17“, 19“ & 21”

Handle left hand

17“, 19“ & 21”


min. 7 gpp

Bow strings

Dynema 97

Fast Flight

Fast Flight +

Base price

from € 1,400;
final price depending
on the selected materials and
the selected extras