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STING Pro Nocks

The STING Pro nock made of plastic is suitable for all shafts with an inner diameter of 6.2. It is a push-in cam and is therefore immediately ready for use. It has a double-lock string holder, which ensures that the arrow does not slip off the string even when the bow is held down (positioning an arrow, shooting downhill, etc.). A secure hold and yet a clean and quick release from the string is guaranteed.


Suitable for shafts with an ID 6.2
Push in cam
Average weight of 8 gn per nock
Double-Lock string mount
10 colors available:
black, white, yellow, red, green, orange
orange transparent, lemon transparent, red transparent, green transparent


The STING Pro Nock is very strong with its 8 grain weight and design, yet ideal for fast setups with high poundage.


It also ends slightly above the shaft and can therefore take on the function of a rear protector ring.


Price:  € 0.55


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